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Welcome To My Website!

My name is Keira Ingram,  The Real Estate Queenpin

I AM a mother, ordained minister, multistate real estate broker, businesswoman, author, and strategist.

For the past 16 years I have specialized in making  Real Estate Bosses and changing peoples lives through leveraging the power of real estate.  A long time ago, I realized that wealth is built, grown, and maintained through the game of real estate.  Since that realization, I have worked with real estate agents, investors, and small business owners use that game to obtain the lifestyle they want and deserve, legitimize their businesses, put money in their bank accounts, build generational wealth, and make their dreams a reality.

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Takia W

Real Estate Agent

“As a new agent it is hard to know what advice to follow.  I am glad I found Keira before I wasted any more time.  Now I have the business I alwys wanted,”

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