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How to Become a Real Estate Boss is a real estate agent’s bible! 

Keira Ingram, the Real Estate Queenpin, expertly delivers tools that new real estate agents can use to confidently and securely begin their careers, or pick up the pieces of what may seem like a broken business venture. With personal chronicles of tragedy and triumph, Ingram details what real estate agents should do to not only get their careers off the ground, but to keep them afloat and continually sailing on the waves of success.

How to Become a Real Estate Boss is nine power-packed chapters of what and what not to do, who and who not to consult, where and where not to “settle”, and even when and when not to make moves. Not only does How to Become a Real Estate Boss offer undeniable wisdom that comes from years of top-level success, but its workbook sections give readers an opportunity to reflect and search within themselves to find the “it” that will make them equally as successful.

It’s practical.
It’s useful.
It’s necessary.


Ingram walks readers through topics like…

  • What Is Your “This”?

  • How Are You Going to Get to Your “This”?

  • Ethical Issues to Watch Out For

  • Stay in Your Lane/What Is Your Niche?

  • Don’t Reinvent the Wheel—Just Add Rims


Real estate agents will certainly boss the heck up after implementing The Real Estate Queenpin’s money-making practices. The “boss up”—without a doubt—is inevitable!

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