My Fancy Third-Person Bio

Keira Ingram is known as the Real Estate Queenpin.  She is a Multistate Real Estate Broker, the owner of KI Investor Services and AOC Real Estate where she and her team provides real estate services and support to real estate agents and investors in Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, and Delaware. 

Keira is also the founder and owner of (ABA) Advantage Business Academy, the largest African American owned/ operated Real Estate School in Philadelphia, where she and her instructors provide State approved Pre Licensure Classes, Continuing Education, Broker courses, Professional Development classes, and Real estate coaching.

Keira is also the managing Broker of Super Realty Group LLC in West Philadelphia expanding her agent reach becoming the largest African American Real Estate Brokerage in Philadelphia.


She where she provides guidance, support, strategies, and training to her agents.


She has over fifteen years of experience as a real estate professional assisting investors and retail clients in buying and selling properties.


She is a mentor, coach, cheerleader, and deal saver to her agents as well as a priceless resource and asset to

her clients.  


  • Even though I play an inspirational Real Estate Queenpin on the internet, making real estate bosses everywhere I go with style, ease, and an array of different hairstyles... I’m also a real person which means:

  • First and foremost I am a child of God which directs nearly every area of my life

  • I am perfectly imperfect and just like you daily learning to tolerate and embrace my flaws

  • I am a shy introvert (unless we are talking about God, my kids, real estate, or improving your business)

  • I work with my wonderful husband Josh which is sometimes #GOALS and sometimes #TheWorstIdeaEver.

  • I am a tired mother of four exhausting adorable children (ages 8-16) Joshua, Jael, Caleb, and Calah.

  • If you see me at the market I will very seldom have on a full face of makeup

  • I am genuinely grateful and appreciative to every agent, investor, and client that has allowed me to improve their businesses because of them I am able to earn an impressive income doing what I love.

  • I’m passionate about helping others create freedom and wealth by leveraging the power of real estate.

  • I am beyond proud of the impact my Real Estate Bosses have been able to make in the communities they serve because of the wealth and freedom they have created